Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Barista Dance!

I learned the barista dance at Deux Gros Nez, a coffee shop in Reno where I worked during the year after high school. It was my first paying job! The "Deux" as we called it is also where I learned the joy of simple things: like the difference a smile, a hello, and a coffee can make in someone's day. I took pride in learning how to make good coffee, knowing that people made a special trip to get one. I learned the meaning of cooking with love: cooking for someone the way you would want to eat it. ( Much to its regulars' chagrin, the Deux is no longer open, though you can find at least a little of its essence over at the new Laughing Planet Cafe, which Deux Chief Tim Healion now runs.) When The Thinking Cup located in Boston handed over footage of one of their baristas at work, knowing the swift and careful moves of a busy barista, I was excited to edit it into a jazzy dance.

Thinking Cup Coffee Shop from lis bartlett on Vimeo.

Speaking of Stumptown coffee, which The Thinking Cup serves, this is one of the best videos I've ever seen. Cheers to you, Trevor Fife.

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