Monday, March 30, 2009

Phone Books Are Such a Waste of Paper

Right? These pages have been sitting in our apartment lobby for weeks because nobody wants them.

After all, I don't even remember the last time I used a phone book to look up the number or location for something when I could just google it instead. And I think it was less then half a year ago when we got a new set, which have been sitting on the fridge until I replaced it with one of these...

Hmmm I guess during generations before us if I met a Harold Jones at the grocery store say, and then later was thinking how nice he seemed I might look him up in the phone book, call and say it was lovely meeting him, and maybe we'd become friends?

I think now if I met Harold at the store, he would probably only say his first name - "Hi I'm Harold." And I'd do some facebook and google stalking, maybe even second guess my first impression of him, and try to find out more about him before calling to make sure he wasn't "some weirdo," or something.
Ok slight exaggeration hopefully.

On a contradictory to saving paper and different note, I just signed up to receive the NY Times on Sunday, in a sort of effort to fight for the survival of journalism. I also love the Sunday NY Times. The culture reporting is like solid gold. And what a lovely Sunday to lay around with different sections of the paper fluttering in the breeze of open windows, or a Bay, all day...

-ha I just realized the Sunday New York Times is #46 on Stuff White People Like-

But at a mere $3.40 a week because of a 50% off special right now, and accounting for costs of things like paper printing costs, the driver's wages and gas for the delivery truck to get to my apt, I'm not even sure my subscription will help.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sutro Baths Then and Now Portrait

Here's a portrait of the Sutro Baths I made for our first assignment in Sam Green's doc class last Spring at USF! Sam gave us a list of places to choose from in the city, and I chose to do a portrait of the baths (named after San Fran's 24th Mayor, Adolph Sutro) because I have always been intrigued by the eerie history of the Cliff House and it's surrounding areas.

For this assignment I was really interested in sound mixing, from sounds found online to the music included and the sounds recorded live at the Baths. Thanks for the Marcus Guenter Sky. Enjoy...