Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sheila Leslie

Perhaps I should have posted this video when I finished it about a month ago, but since early voting begins today, this seems more appropriate.

You know how sometimes you can be close to someone, but not really know much about the work they do? Being close friends with Sheila's daughter Emma, I have known Sheila for awhile now, but it wasn't until I sat down to interview her and work with her on this video that I really got to know her.

I can start by saying this video is one of the easiest I have done, and that doesn't speak to its quality. I actually think it is some of my best work. The thing is that Sheila is so well spoken, so genuine, and so thoughtful yet concise with her words that she made my job easy. According to Sheila she had to become skilled at speaking in a concise and thoughtful way while working for non-profits talking to news people. "When you work for a non-profit that is your only way of getting the message out, so it better be good," she said. It was refreshing to sit down with a politician who is not at all calculated or pretentious, but rather speaks her mind and her heart. She's smart, honest and loves what she does, so talking about it is easy. Thanks Sheila. Nevada needs you!

Meet Sheila Leslie. She works hard for Nevada. She is also running for State Senate. If you live in Washoe Senate District 1, it would be wise to vote for her today. Or sometime before Nov. 3rd.

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