Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jason Boegle

Remember back to being a little kid, sitting on the carpet of your house watching Sesame Street as your parents went about their adult routine of getting ready for the day? Remember that feeling of fascination and comfort you got while watching and learning things like how numbers work or the perspective of garbage truck drivers? I was reminded of this feeling while spending an afternoon in the field with Jason Boegle. Jason is crew supervisor for the people who pour and rake asphalt onto our streets, put up stop-signs, and paint the lines for crosswalks. Really exciting? No. The simple and mysterious ways that make the city go 'round? Yes.

Jason's humble personality makes him the perfect one for this job. He's been with the city for 15 years, working his way up. He likes the work that he does, he works hard, and after work he goes to his Fernley ranch and practices team roping -- also something he excels at. One year he won the $50,000 prize at the Reno Rodeo. Admirers say his calm demeanor is the real key to his success. Meet Jason Boegle.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Colin Loretz

In March I started working at Reno Collective, where I met Colin. What strikes me most about Colin is that as a web developer / entrepreneur he could live in any major city, but he chooses to live in Reno - because he likes it here. Not only does he live here, but he works hard to make Reno a better place. When I asked him why he does this, he seemed thrown off. "A rising tide lifts all boats," he said in our interview. He wants everyone to succeed at whatever they're trying to do, simply because he wants to live in a place like that. Colin is definitely a leader, having founded Reno Collective (with Ed Adkins), Reno Wordcamp, and Ignite Reno, but he doesn't ask for much spotlight. He seems to lead from the back- which makes him all the more interesting....Meet Colin Loretz.