Monday, May 24, 2010

nice flight

Sunday was the last day of my 10 day mini-tour of the east coast. Leaving Washington D.C. I was inspired and filled with love by seeing old friends and new places.

Delta flight DL1239 from Reagan NATL to Salt Lake City boarded and I found my window seat at 36F next to a cute father-daughter pair (who had been on a vacation touring the capital for her 12th birthday). The captain made an announcement or two and we rolled onto the runway.
I peered out my window as the plane lifted up and tilted gently back and forth over the Potomac River through crisp, voluminous white clouds. Whoever was flying the plane was having fun doing it. I felt like the pilot was taking us on a tour of the sky!

I thought to myself, "Man when you're filled to the brim with love it overflows into the people and places around you...I bet the pilot is loving flying this airplane right now."

We continued on flying through the cottony sky, the plane turned in a circle and lifted up higher until we were above the clouds. I stared out the window in a dreamy daze for like 2 hours I think. For the rest of the flight the captain kept us updated on upcoming turbulence, landing time, routes, etc. It was the best flying experience I have had in a long time.

When we landed I told the pilots this and I also took their picture.

I still think the future of travel is speed trains...but nice flight boys.

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