Sunday, April 18, 2010


Jónsi, his band, the 59 productions team, and the rest of his artistic crew, are very talented. If you have listened to his album, watched the making of videos on his site, or watched the music video for Go Do, you know what I'm talking about. Before I got to see him live at the Palace of Fine Arts on Friday I knew it was going to be awesome. But it was INCREDIBLE. Here's a tiny taste.

Back home, after playing the album for my mom, she said, "It seems that through his music he's giving people a sense that we CAN create a brighter future."

That night, together as performers and audience, we experienced the creation, or maybe the acknowledgment, of inspiration and hope. Somehow Jónsi's music reflects this sense of possibility. I suspect all of his performances are like this. For his current tour, there's a place on his site for guests to share their experience of his shows. It's no coincidence phrases like, "transcendentally beautiful," "truly magical," and "the soundtrack of my life," are what make up those comments. Some commenters admit to crying. I know I saw my own life before my eyes during the show, the word catharsis comes to mind. I left so personally inspired.

At the end of the second encore, after two standing ovations, the Jónsi crew came up and bowed together. The performance was so perfectly orchestrated, this was the most raw moment of the whole night. As they stood at the end of the stage closest to the audience, Jónsi and his team seemed genuinely surprised and appreciative of the roaring applause from the packed house. How special it is when, after an artist gives and gives so much, you can give back, say thanks and express your appreciation in such a simple but meaningful way.


Franklin said...

Right on Mum. A much brighter future with Jónsi in it. I am so glad my friend told me about his tour and I got to see him in Seattle. Wish I could follow him all over the planet!

Love and Light all around!
Franklin L. Piehl

vivabrew said...

I almost cried reading your article. Damn you Jonsi and lissle, a formidable duo!

Franklin said...

Ágæti Jónsi,

Ég fékk tot sjá þig á Craig Fergeson (stafsetning) í gærkvöldi, það er vindhviða. Þú lítur út eins og þú átt góða stund líka. Ég fékk að sjá þig í Seattle og þakka þér svo kærlega fyrir að meðtöldum Seatte.

Bara að senda þig, fjölskyldu þína og fjölskyldu þinni vinum mjög mínum bestu óskir.

Ást og Ljós allt í kring! Elska þig!