Friday, April 17, 2009

Jean-Michel Cousteau

I saw Jean-Michel Cousteau, son of the obvious, speak at the California Academy of Sciences Nightlife Thursday night.

Twas great!

First of all, what a brilliant idea the nightlife series is. Pay less than half the usual admission, maybe check out an illuminating lecture, order a drink or two and mingle among the fish with other San Franciscans who appreciate California Academy of Science style values. I'm in! If you haven't checked it out yet I highly recommend.
Even though a beer is seven dollars, you have to admit the Greenest museum in the World is (at least ONE of) the coolest places you've had a drink.

On to the important stuff. I think Jean-Michel is trying to bring the idea of saving our oceans back to pop culture. I'm not sure if it ever was a part of pop culture. But the Green movement is, and so now maybe that can mean oceans too. I never hear people talking about how polluted our oceans are and what a big deal it is. I never talk about it either. In reality our oceans will not be full of life anymore if we don't act now.

Ever think about how much money and thought we put into space exploration compared to how much we put into exploring our own oceans here on earth?

The reason I say this about Jean-Michel is because his show Ocean Adventures has a new special, Call of the Killer Whale, that's premiering this Wednesday, April 22 (Earth Day) on PBS nationwide, and the show is fantastic! We got to see snippets Thursday night. Full of drama, and real drama at that. This messed up shit is actually happening! I think because of the right mix of perfect timing (Earth Day, and the Green movement getting bigger all the time) awesome (underwater video camera action), drama and emotion, and celebrity too, the show will bring some buzz.

Before going to bed I was setting the radio alarm for the morning and heard a familiar voice on KQED- Jean-Michel being interviewed by Michael Krasny. And finally Thursday he also made an appearance at the Commonwealth Club for an interview, which means next week, he'll be on

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