Monday, August 11, 2008

roAD trip

My brother recently landed in North Carolina for grad school and I accompanied him for the trip out.

I wrote this in the car at the end of the week...

So the trip has been good. Tuesday was fantastic. Driving through pockets of thunderstorm over the rusty red ridges of Arizona and carefully zipping through monsoon style rain showers, the air was kept fresh and the skies kept dramatic.

Scenery stayed interesting

-a stop at Meteor Crater in Winslow, AZ-

right up until night came and we blasted techno til New Mexico.

Early rise and Wednesday wasn’t as fun.
Hot hot heat and flat smog land
into and through the top of Texas

which pretty much all looks like this
Highway 40 must be owned by McDonald's, Taco Bell, the occasional Pizza Hut, and Subway. By the time we got to Oklahoma City I was having a claustrophobic panic attack in my desire to eat something that didn’t come in plastic first.
Getting off the freeway I was hoping to at least find a grocery store where I could buy an orange. Well we must have gotten off the wrong exit because what we found instead were humans driving air conditioned cars windows up between big box stores. We settled on Target where I purchased one of those tuna in foil snack things (foil better than plastic?)- not quite what I wanted.

That night we landed in Fort Smith, a quaint brick laden town on the border of Oklahoma and Arkansas, where I did find some vegetables. A pleasant place to call home after highway for 12 hours.

Thursday was a much better. More Subway and Green green green hills and more monsoon rain, and NPR kept us company. Memphis for lunch, $5 to a bum who worked hard for it, some perspective at the Civil Rights Museum, stayed on the freeway through Nashville and ended in Knoxville to sleep. People say Knoxville is nice, but we only had time to say goodbye in the morning. From the road it seemed like a nice place.

Next, a detour up to our nation's capital.

act like you like each other!

Before one last windy foresty strip of highway

to our final destination.


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