Monday, April 21, 2008

The Best Blog Post Ever

My teacher for our Davies Forum on Digital Literacy class assigned us to do "the best blog post ever." Daunting as it may seem, I was not toooo worried because I knew I would have a lot of inspiration to work with after this last weekend.

Sunday night, just as I was drifting off to sleep in my bed, I awoke suddenly to the sound of a car.
My eyelids quickly jolted open. What was that?!!?
Ohhhh yeahhh, I'm back to civilization, where large moving machines is the norm.
I closed my eyes again with a grumble, appreciating the sweet memory of how nice it was to sleep with only the sounds of nature (and other people snoring).

This past weekend we lived at StoneLake Farm.

We spent time with the chickens who hatched our eggs.

We savored these eggs many times over. This spanish tortilla/makeshift scramble paired with a sweet white Riesling wine was maybe the best meal I have had since studying abroad in France a year ago (Thanks Lulu). So good, and eaten immersed in the wonder of such vast nature, that this was the slowest I had savored a meal since I can remember.

we took our time thinking of and creating these meals. Could the reason this trip felt so relaxing and time went by so nicely simply be the sheer pleasure in spending time to cook and savor our meals?

Perhaps. Or rather, eating is something that all humans share and relate on. With all of the things that civilization usually keeps us busy with taken away, we found ourselves talking and relating about food so much because we all naturally like and need to connect with each other. Besides being necessary to live, food, and cooking it, thinking about it, planning for the next meal, is a simple way for people to connect. The beauty in this is also that food, done properly, can be delicious, something special in itself.

we foraged

and chopped the wood that kept us warm

we appreciated this wood even more when it began to snow

we created very little trash!

and ducklings, hopefully who will survive the food chain and help the summer garden to fruition, provided us with some "fluff"

All of this, in one word is homesteading (check out In two words, is the simple life. In ten words, is the most relaxing while simultaneously fulfilling weekend I have ever had.

I'll be back.

For an even better feel of StoneLake farms, view a slideshow of the trip.


Ivan Chew said...

"...eating is something that all humans share and relate on."


Come to think of it, regardless of Race, Language and Religion, all of us need to eat. Talk about an ultimate shared connection.

lissle said...