Thursday, February 21, 2008

Internet Archive Founder Brewster Kahle at USF in 60 minutes

Brewster Kahle is coming to USF! Or may be here somewhere already. I am excited to learn a little more about this man- with a vision of archiving and preserving all information for all generations to come!- from his own perspective. Hopefully he will talk about himself.

This whole idea is pretty crazy and hard to grasp. Understandably I think. I am not sure there is a large enough way to say that this is a whole lot of information we are talking about.

Especially the idea of digitizing books. It's just not the same to cuddle up with a computer. But maybe Kahle will address how this isn't the point. This quote, from Kahle in an August 2007 interview with Andrew Richard Albanese, called Scan This Book for me illustrates the grand excitement of Kahle's vision.

"Books are the heart of the library. For thousands of years, humans have been putting their knowledge in books to pass on for future generations. So, yes, we have to have these materials in digital form, and we have to make them accessible in such a way that we can continue to have a library system like the one, frankly, that many of us grew up enjoying, where we can access and use these materials in new and different ways, as an engine for research, learning, and discovery, even if in ways not originally intended. So far, I think we have been negligent in our responsibility to perform this task. Not because we don't have the materials, but because we haven't put them into the formats new generations expect."

Also, I am curious what all he will say about Google. From what Kahle has said about Google in the above article, and in this one, and from the blog- the googlization of everything, I am beginning to think Google is the devil. What are they trying to do? And here I am writing on a blog represented by them, and owned by them? Shiest.

I am exited to hear more about this in less than an hour!

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